Inversion therapy isn’t new. Inversion tables, chairs and even boots have been around for years. Many people suffering from back pain receive recommendations from their physician to try an inversion table.

Being inverted (having your head below your heart) is common in mat yoga (Downward Facing Dog, Forward Folds, Headstands, Handstands) although not necessarily available to all. The Yoga Trapeze offers everyone* the opportunity to invert safely.

Trapeze benefits:

spinal traction

back pain relief

improve core strength

deepen your backbends

open your shoulders

build functional strength

*If you have any significant health issues, please ask your doctor if it’s okay for you to do work on the yoga trapeze. It’s not dangerous but we need to be careful, especially if you have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, if you take prescription muscle relaxants, have had recent surgery, have serious scoliosis (mild to moderate is usually ok), if you are pregnant or in the trauma phase (initial 72 hours) of any injury.