tibetan doors

Tibet has the best doors in the world! These people are not afraid of color and their door knockers are unapologetically extravagant. At odds with their humble, non-attachment Buddhist lifestyle in a way, doors all over the country demand to be noticed. From palace doors like these at The Summer Palace in Lhasa, to the … Continue reading tibetan doors

drepung monastery

Deprung is old. Very old. 500 years old! Located at the foot of Mount Gephel, Drepung one of the “great three” Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet. It was also home to the Dalai Lamas until Portola Palace was built by the Great Fifth Dalai Lama. It was known for the high standards of its academic study, and … Continue reading drepung monastery

Chinese convoy in Lhasa

This image is disturbing for anyone who knows even a little about the Chinese heavy handed approach to Tibet. Even if one doesn’t know much about it, everyone at least is aware that the Dalai Lama has lived in exile for almost 60 years (he fled in 1959). This image was taken in 2006 when the … Continue reading Chinese convoy in Lhasa

the summer palace

The Summer Palace (Norbulingka) is the home of the exiled Dalai Lama in Lhasa City. While is it his official residence, he has not stepped foot in it since 1959. On March 10, 1959 His Holiness received an invitation to attend a Chinese dance troupe show with conditions no Tibetan soldiers were to attend and his bodyguards … Continue reading the summer palace

debating philosophy

The monks at Serra Monastery gather daily in the dabbled sunlight of the courtyard to debate the finer points of philosophy and tutor the novices under their supervision. Their point of view is emphasized via a high-to-low clapping hand motion. Hence the arms in the air:)   Image location: Serra Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet © Kate … Continue reading debating philosophy