I’m Kate, a well travelled Aussie who now hangs out with nice yogis in Las Vegas. The quick ‘About’ version goes like this: I’m a yoga instructor, certified and registered (with Yoga Alliance) and insured. I teach now, but my first class was not “love at first pose”  you read in most teacher bio’s. My first class was a confusing and humbling experience. I didn’t like it. However, I felt absolutely amazing for the rest of that day. So I went back. Again and again.. This is how my yoga journey began; not with ease and perfect from, but with perseverance, patience and acceptance.


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If you’re still reading, here’s a little more about me …

In the commercial studios, I teach exclusively at TruFusion (Eastern, Blue Diamond & Summerlin). You will find me on the schedule teaching TruSignature Series, TruFlow, TruYin and YinFused. TruFusion schedule

Outside of the high-energy big studios, my karma was such that I find myself with the luxury of a private studio:) It’s small, casual, caring and authentic. Yoga traditions are definitely respected, but it’s less rigid than a large commercial studio has to be. For example, you can bring your latte to class if you’re having a rough morning. This is Yoga Joi 🙂

Top 10 things to know about me:
1. Australian
2. global traveller
3. photographer
4. lap swimmer
5. yoga student
6. yoga instructor
7. eternal optimist
8. I strive to live life with gratitude
9. my husband dragged me to my first class
10. embracing yoga really did change my life

Why Work With Me?
Everyone is welcome in my class. We all start somewhere.  My role is to challenge, motivate and nurture. To create a space that is safe, sometimes fun and always respectful. Your role is to begin, or continue, your journey. As the mat unfurls, so will your passage of self discovery. I encourage everyone to make time for yoga. A consistent practice will deliver countless benefits, both mental and physical. My classes have been described as nurturing and fun. My mission is simple: to keep you safe as as your health and well being improves.

Where Do I Teach?

—Well, obviously at the Yoga Joi private studio 🙂
—In mainstream studios, exclusively at TruFusion (Downtown Summerlin, Henderson &
Blue Diamond locations). Check the SCHEDULE menu above for more details

✻ Favorite Quote

Everyone you meet is dealing with something you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

✻ Training & Certifications
◉ Certified RYT-200
E-RYT500 Mark Balfe-Taylor, TruFusion RYS, Las Vegas
◉ Certified Yin Teacher
Yin Teacher Training Level 1 & 2 , E-RYT500 Addie deHilster, Spiral Path Yoga, Los Angeles
Yin & Yang Teacher Training,  Master Paulie Zink, The Yin Yoga Institute

◉ Continuing Education — 142 hours

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