kate bio bwI’m Kate, a well-traveled Aussie who has recently returned home to Australia after teaching yoga in Las Vegas for years. I teach now, but my first class was not the “love at first pose” you read in most teacher bio’s. In fact, I didn’t like it. I freely admit that I was a confused, hot mess. However, I felt amazing for the rest of that day, so I went back. Again and again. This is how my yoga journey began; not with ease and perfect from, but with perseverance, patience, and acceptance.


Certified RYT-200
E-RYT500 Mark Balfe-Taylor, TruFusion RYS, Las Vegas

Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructor
E-RYT200, RYT500 Lucas Rockwood, YogaBody Fitness RYS, Barcelona

Certified Yin Instructor (Level 1+2)
 E-RYT500 Addie deHilster, Spiral Path Yoga, Los Angeles
Master Paulie Zink, The Yin Yoga Institute

Certified Trigger Point Instructor
Master Trainer, Jess Manning, TriggerPoint, Salt Lake City

◉ Continuing Education — 400+ hours


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Yoga Alliance USA
Yin Yoga Teachers Worldwide Directory
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ERYT - Gold - 200-350-500 with and without R YA-Specialty-Logo    02-YA-TEACHER-RYT-200

If you’re still reading, here’s a little more about me …

In the commercial studios, I teach exclusively at TruFusion (Eastern, Blue Diamond & Summerlin). You will find me on the schedule teaching TruSignature Series, TruFlow, TruYin, and YinFused. TruFusion schedule

Outside of the high-energy big studios, I have the luxury of a private studio. It’s small, casual and authentic. Yoga traditions are definitely respected, but it’s less rigid than a commercial studio has to be. You can bring your latte to class if you’re having a rough morning!:)

Why Work With Me?
Everyone is welcome in my class. We all start somewhere.  My role is to challenge, motivate and nurture. To create a space that is safe, sometimes fun and always respectful. Your role is to begin, or continue, your journey. As the mat unfurls, so will your passage of self-discovery. I encourage everyone to make time for yoga. Consistent practice will deliver countless benefits, both mental and physical. 

The Yoga Joi Difference
◉ small groups (that you arrange)
◉ private classes
◉ non-judgmental environment
◉ non-intimidating environment
◉ non-competitive environment
◉ gentle adjustments
◉ individual attention
◉ injury prevention focus

Services Offered
◉ yoga trapeze aerial yoga
◉ hatha lineage mat yoga
◉ yin-restorative yoga
◉ self-myofascial release (trigger point roller therapy)

Favorite Quote

Everyone you meet is dealing with something you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.