create a yoga retreat at home

In today’s hectic world we could all use a few days dedicated to self-care. While yoga retreats are exciting and designed for self-care, they are also expensive. Every yoga retreat advertises an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Why not feel this same sense of relaxation from the comforts of your home without having to spend any money?

Step 1: Disconnect

If you can, take a few days off. If not, dedicate your weekend to self-care. Make it clear to your friends and family that though you may be in the area, you are not available during your specified retreat time. If you cannot get away with disconnecting for days on end, pick certain hours over the weekend. Whatever time works for you, really make that your retreat time. Turn off the computer, put away the phone, and let that time truly be yours.

Step 2: Create a peaceful space

One of the things that make yoga retreats so alluring are the locations. They whisk you away to these stunning countries and house you in unbelievable spaces, but you don’t have to go thousands of miles across the world to find peace and tranquility. Before your at-home yoga retreat officially starts, create a designated space for your retreat. De-clutter the area and hide anything that makes you think of work and responsibilities. Light candles or put up some peaceful pictures. Make a playlist to add to the atmosphere. Whatever makes the space feel magical to you is perfect.

Step 3: Practice, relax, rejuvenate, and reflect

Now that the space is ready and you’ve designated a set time for your retreat, it’s time to start enjoying it. If you are not confident in your home practice, you can find some great yoga videos on MyYogaWorks MyYogaWorks or consider signing up for an online yoga conference. Decide if you want this to be a retreat about pushing your boundaries and trying something new or a retreat for relaxing and nourishing your body. Then act accordingly and gather the resources to support your retreat intention.

Anyone who has been to a yoga retreat knows the retreat is about so much more than the yoga. It’s about taking time to just be with your body and mind. It’s about discovering what you need and giving that to yourself. It’s a chance to reflect on how you have been living and what changes you want to try.

Step 4: Enjoy the resulting bliss

Whether you create a half-day or a week-long yoga retreat at home, simply giving yourself the time for self-care will have a powerful impact. After the retreat enjoy your refreshed spirit and quiet mind. Feel everything that comes with taking care of yourself. And consider when you can plan another yoga retreat at home again soon.

Author credit: Sarah Dittmore on Yoga Basics link

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