yoga helps the blues

An interesting article by Erin Bell in Phychology Today mentions yoga (among other non prescription drug solutions such as food, herbal anti-depressants, meditation, touch therapy, biofeedback and acupuncture) can help us deal with depression.

In part the article reads …


Regular physical activity is important for maintaining both mental and physical health. Adopting a yoga regimen may be particularly beneficial for those suffering from depression, as the practice is considered by some to be a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. In mastering yoga postures, greater body awareness and self-efficacy is achieved. Concentration and self-control also improve. These tools translate to greater emotional control, which can help yoga practitioners maintain a stable mood despite negative external factors.

A 2007 review of the research on yoga, conducted by Kimberlee Bonura, of Florida Statedepression2 University, reported that both short- and long-term practice can positively affect mental health. There is evidence that anxiety and depressed mood improve after just one yoga session, with benefits increasing the longer one continues to practice. Finally, yoga can serve to reduce stress hormone levels and relieve physicals pains.


author credit: Erin Bell,  Phychology Today    article link

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